Join our Spring/Summer CSA! 

**You can now pay online via our website, see the "Pay for CSA" tab above.

Below are the details of our 2018 CSA. You will find the easy steps of how to join at the bottom, with a link to download the Membership Agreement.

What is a CSA? 
CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture" which, simply put, means you would be part of a community of people who support your local, sustainable farmers. By joining a CSA, members pay upfront for a full season of receiving fresh, seasonal produce.

Why should you join?
Most people think that shopping at grocery stores for produce is the easiest and healthiest way. The truth is that it is impossible to have any connection with your food when only grabbing it at the store. Nowadays, pretty much everything is available year-round. And we all know that is not natural. It has also traveled a GREAT distance to the store, oftentimes from other countries. When you put it all together- out of season, shipped from far away, and full of chemicals to ensure aesthetic you know what you get? Consumers are losing touch with their right to ENJOY fresh food, to know where it came from, how it was grown, and feel nourished and fulfilled. Produce begins losing nutrients the second it is taken from the earth (picked or harvested). And it only has as much nutrients as the soil it grew in allowed for it to have. That is why at Little Bit Farm, we truly nourish our soil with natural amendments, like thick, dark organic compost, grow food in the season in which they naturally thrive, and only sell produce that has just been harvested. Assuring the maximum nutrient value, freshness and flavor. Join our CSA so we can fill your bellies with the best food around.

We are now offering a Spring+Summer CSA farm box. Members will receive a "share" of what we are harvesting each week. To make it even easier, we offer DELIVERY right to your door. Or, you may choose to pick up your share each week at the Uptown Columbus Market each Saturday from 9-Noon. You can also choose between a Small Share (feeding 1-2 people) or a Large Share (feeding 3-4 people).

Join us in our mission to help our community thrive. We want to show you how the quality of natural and local food can affect your life. We want to share with you the experience of bringing just-harvested produce to your kitchens. See below for pricing options and details! Thank you all for your support.

CSA Details:

Weekly, starting week of May 2 through July 25 --
(excluding July 4th week, since we know many people travel during that time) for a total of 12 WEEKS! You will get ALL the beloved summer goodies!

Share Options-

Large Share: 
You will receive about $32 worth of produce each week, enough to feed 3-4 people all week. It will vary between 6-9 different items in each share. You can steer clear of the produce section of your grocery store all summer long... Price of a Large share is $384.

Small Share:
You will receive about $22 worth of produce each week, enough to feed 1-2 people. It will vary between 4-6 different items in each share. Perfect for all you singles out there! Price of a small share is $264.

You can choose to have your share DELIVERED right to your door each week. Making eating smart easier than ever. There is an additional delivery fee of $96 (which comes down to only an extra $8 per week). We will deliver in a reusable, insulated LBF produce bag every Wednesday between 3:30-6. (We will keep you updated via text, so you will know when your share has arrived to your door) *must be within the Columbus area*

If you do not choose delivery, and frequent the market anyways, you can pick up your share each week from us at our farm stand at the Columbus Uptown Market every Saturday from 9-Noon for no additional charge. *Keep in mind-any shares not picked up during market each week will be donated to local shelters.

Now, what can you expect in your shares? 
You are in luck because during the 12 weeks our CSA runs, we are harvesting some of the best produce around. It's a combination of sweet spring and juicy summer. You can expect a combination of the following throughout the entirety of the CSA: (depending on the week)

Green Onions
Green Garlic
Loose Leaf Lettuce
Head Lettuce
Snap Peas
Pea Shoots
Yellow Squash
Zephyr Squash
Patty Pan Squash
Sweet Cherry Tomatoes
Heirloom Slicing (Sandwich) Tomatoes
Sweet Peppers (Bell, Italian Frying, Pimento)
Hot Peppers (Poblano, Jalepeno, Cayenne, Banana)
Fresh Herbs

How to SIGN UP:

1.) Choose your share size, add the delivery fee to the cost of the share (only if you choose to have delivered each week)
2.) Read our Membership Agreement thoroughly, print the last page, fill out with your selections, sign it (Download Member Agreement HERE)
3.) Mail the filled-out last page of the agreement, along with your check to us-- made out to Little Bit Farm to 1830 Pine Lake Rd, West Point Ga 31833.

Spots for this CSA will fill up FAST! So be sure to act NOW if you want to ensure your membership. Must receive your info and payment by March 20.